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Dean of Administrative Division
Dr. Santiago E. Godínez Martínez
Lic. EIC, DFO, MBA, MTh, DMin

Dean Godínez, has a great deal of experience as a professional engineer and accountant. With undergraduate degrees from the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, Mexico) and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Guadalajara Campus, Guadalajara, Mexico), he has had a stellar graduate development, receiving an MBA also from the U.A.N.L., and the MTh and DMin from Edinburg Theological Seminary, where he received many honors including the "Educational Leadership Award," "Deans List," and was nominated for the assistant deanship.

Currently residing in Matamoros, Mexico, Dr. Godínez is an active member of the National Presbyterian Church, where he has fulfilled many important offices. He is also a member of the Gideons Society, and promotes and participates in many evangelistic and missionary works in the dangerous Northeast sector of Mexico.

In addition to his administrative duties, Dr. Godínez is an associate professor in the E.T.S. Department of Christian Education and a graduate teacher in various online seminary programs.

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