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Roberts Haine, Dr. John Paul
El Futuro de la Educación Cristiana en México”: (En Español) Entrevista con el Dr. J. P. Roberts Haine por el Dr. Acero Valencia, presidente del Seminario Teológico de Edinburgo.

Whitehouse, Dr. Thomas
Prophets and Stewards: Two Models for Cultural Transformation”: A slightly modified version of this paper is found in the summer, 2000, issue of the journal Fidelity.

The Creative Kingdom and the Kingdoms of Man”: Presented at the “Festival de Verano,” First Reformational Congress, Mexico City, Mexico, in July, 2011.

The Importance of the Old Testament for our Worldview Today”: Presented at the VII National Congress of the National Union of Church Teachers, Querétaro, Mexico, in July, 2011.