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Schroetenboer, Paul,
Man in God’s World: Groundbreaking article on man’s position and calling in God’s world. Foundational information on building, and living from, a consistently biblical worldview in every sphere of life. Listed here because it is required reading for every student entering the seminary.
En Español: El Hombre en el Mundo de Dios
In English: Man in God’s World

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Hollingsworth, Kerry, Ph.D., “
H. Evan Runner: The Heart of his Vision”: Commencement address given on June 4, 2011 at the E.T.S. graduation service.

Lantinga, Nick, Ph.D., “
Integral Discipleship”: Commencement address on “bridge-building” given on July 15, 2010 at the E.T.S. graduation service.

Stephens, Brad,
“High Fidelity in Church Music: Our Greek-ified Music Tastes”: A sermon given at the 2013 Annual Convocation of the Fellowship of Mere Christianity, held in Mount Hermon, California.

Whitehouse, Thomas, Ph.D., “
Delight Based Learning”: A response to Dr. David K. Naugle’s address at the 2009 IAPCHE Faculty Enrichment Program held in connection with Institución Libre de México de Estudios Superiores (ILMES). The original address is available at the IAPCHE website here.


Reformational Publishing Project and Paideia Press: A good selection of freely downloadable online books from such thinkers as H. Bavinck, H. Dooyeweerd, A. Kuyper, and many others.

All of Life Redeemed: This site gives access to the writings of about 50 of the top Reformational philosophers and theologians, including PDF copies of many of their books and articles.

Frame and Poythress: Free downloads of some of the best works of John Frame and Vern Poythress, including Poythress’s Redeeming Science and Redeeming Sociology.