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Thomas Whitehouse, Ph.D.

Tom Whitehouse has been a pastor since 1981, and taught at various schools before joining the ETS faculty in 2008. A gifted Bible expositor, he has a burden for applying God’s truth to every aspect of life. His heart is especially saddened by the many Christian marriages and families he sees that are falling apart. He speaks on marriage, family, and other issues, both in Mexico and here in the United States. Tom and his wife Angie have been married since 1977 and have nine children.

Seminars and Conferences in English and Spanish

Marriage and Family: Tom has developed marriage and family seminars that can cover anything from a one or two hour evening conference to a fully blown marriage enrichment weekend. The topics covered include the Purpose of Christian Marriage, Enjoying God in marriage (“A Table for Three”), Dealing with Anger, Communication Issues, Teaching Children, and Romance from the Song of Solomon.

CSI Jerusalem: An interactive seminar for ages from High School to Adult, dealing with the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, using the format of a Crime Scene Investigation detective show.

Creation, Intelligent Design: Seminars for audiences from High School to Adult, investigating the wonders of God’s universe, and the evidence for its being created and designed, instead of being the accidental result of merely natural causes.

In addition to these, Tom can work with you to tailor a conference to your needs in many other aspects of the Christian life.

Music Ministry
Tom and Angie met in music ministry and have been singing together ever since. Tom has been playing guitar since 1965, and Angie studied voice in college. Together they do original music meant to exhort us to enter the presence of God. Tom has also written love songs for Angie, which complement the marriage seminars. You can click the links below for some samples of their music.

Lay Your Burden on my Shoulder

Where Would I Go?

Day of Small Things

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