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Alfa y Omega: A Christian university in Mexico. From their web site [translated]: “We are a Christian institution of higher education and we believe in a sovereign God who created, sustains and governs the entire universe through His ordinances and laws. Thus the object of the sciences is to study God’s creation in order to discover these ordinances and laws, so that humankind might live in accordance with them.

Alta Vista: Alta Vista is an educational service organization, based in Seattle, Washington, USA, that serves Christian education, locally, regionally, and globally. Our primary concern is to partner with schools, educational leaders, and teachers to help young people become faithful, visionary, competent, and compassionate disciples of Jesus.

IAPCHE: IAPCHE (International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education) is an organization of individuals and institutions, with the purpose of serving Jesus as Lord by fostering, worldwide, the development of integral Christian higher education through networking and related academic activity. member institutions include some of the top theological schools in the United States and the world.

ILMES: (Web site in Spanish): The “Instituto Libre de México de Estudios Superiores” has as its mission, the study and investigation of pedagogy , and the transmission of knowledge to future generations at the bachelor, masters and doctoral levels, as well as through special seminars and conferences.