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Seminary President
Dr. Acero Valencia Cruz

President Valencia was a preacher’s son born into a leading family in Mexico, one long-recognized for its many exceptional pastors, preachers, evangelists and church leaders. Following in his father’s footsteps, he is now a Senior Pastor of a dynamic church in South Texas, “Valle del Rey,” located in Brownsville, TX.

Enjoying an outstanding education, President Valencia studied at the well-known Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico, from which he received his degree in Civil Engineering in 1997. After the completion of his undergraduate university studies, he felt led of the Lord to continue his education at a graduate level, and pursued his M.B.A. at the same institution.. Although unbeknownst to him at the time, it was this graduate degree in administration which would provide one of the key building-blocks in his life preparing him for the Office into which God was eventually leading him: administrating the goods of God’s Kingdom, in particular as the second President of Edinburg Theological Seminary. The preparation God had for President Valencia’s future seminary and church labors was thorough: as a youngster he served as a youth leader in his father’s church, and then, in succession, as God prepared the way: President of the Society of Young People’s Christian Movement, Sunday School Director (Various Periods), Counselor for Young People’s Society, Ruling Elder, President of the church consistory (in absence of the pastor), Director of the cells dedicated to the work of evangelism, Cell leader and Representative before the highest regional assemblies of his denomination in Northeast Mexico.

Although he had initially worked as an engineer in a secular field, in time, as with many of our ETS students, God’s hand was to lead him into paths that were not his own, and would not let him go until, following the calling of his Master, Jesus Christ, he and his wife entered into his present church vocation, being ordained into the ministry after completing his theological studies at the highest level of recognition, summa cum laude, at ETS, and a doctorate in Christian Education at the prestigious Instituto Libre Mexicano de Estudios Superiores, in Queretaro.

(President Valencia’s Masters thesis,
Estructura, Dirección y Autoridad de la Iglesia Local, is available from the ETS Printing Press; his dissertation, Kuyper as Educator: Life and Work of the Reformer of Christian Higher Education in Holland, With Special Attention to His Growing Influence in Latin America -198 pp, is available in Spanish from ILMES)

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